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Call for Writers & Contributors!

Do you like writing? Are you interested in writing news that the world actually wants to hear, rather than the news that the status-quo allows? If you are sick and tired of how mainstream news outlets ignore the real stories, and push sensationalism, Ernews.org is the place for you.

Right now, ernews.org is seeking writers with a conscience. We are looking for contributors that know what really going on. We are not interested in the story the mainstream media is talking about, we want the unique stories behind it. Ernews.org is about seeking change. We are about informing people about what is REALLY going on. We don’t sugarcoat things or let ourselves get side-tracked by what people want to hear. We tell them what they NEED to hear.

We are against companies like Monsanto, and for organic farming that doesn’t poison its crops for the sake of profit. We are against government corruption and for political accountability. We are against North American propaganda, but we are for the North American dream.

What we are Not

ERNEWS.ORG is not a mainstream media outlet, which means that we can report on the news that matters without it being contaminated by good government bullshit.

We are FREE, which means that we report the news without the stink of bribery or political influence watering down our stories.

We are independent, which means that we can write the news without worrying about corporate censorship

Our agenda is to inform people. You may not like everything we have to say, but we will say it anyway because we feel that it is in your best interest to know even the things that scare you.

Categories of interest to us include, but are not limited to:

Government, Corruption, Environment

Health, Around the World, Civil Disobedience

New World Order, Science & Discovery, Big Pharma

If these topics interest you, you may be a good fit as a writer/contributor at ernews.org. Email us at info@ernews.org for a copy of our submission guidelines. Specify “Guidelines” in the Subject line. We accept numerous articles, so please feel free to post as many as you would like. If you want to write for us, but aren’t sure what to write about, topics can be provided for you. We also like to have by posting random articles that catch our interest, so don’t be shy about posting things just because you want to touch a topic. We may include it in our random posts or newsworthy areas.

Compensation to the Writer

As a new website, we are currently not paying writers for their submissions, but this is subject to change as interest grows. However, you will gain much experience, something to post to your CV and build a following for your work, which will work wonders for you in the future as well as pad your resume. When you submit articles, you will receive a byline. If you contribute regularly, we will create a bio for you and acknowledge you as a regular contributor.

If you still want to write for us, email us at submissions@ernews.org.