Why the Antarctic Ozone Study Results Can’t be Trusted

According to a new study that was published in the journal Science Antarctica’s ozone hole is starting to heal itself from all of the damage caused to it in the 70’s and 80’s. The man-made damage was caused by chemicals in aerosols and refrigerants, that were eating away at the ozone layer. This study is claiming that all of a sudden, it is healing itself, despite the fact that we are still spraying these chemicals into the atmosphere through chemtrails. That’s a neat trick.

The ozone layer is made up of three oxygen atoms, high in the atmosphere. It helps shield the earth from the sun’s rays, and has been the subject of numerous studies. Thanks to humanity’s capitalist greed and constant preference of profit over public safety during the industrial revolution, the ozone hole has repeatedly began shrinking by approximately 4.5 million square kilometers (1.7 million square miles) every September since 2000, the study found. That is a decrease of about one fifth of its original size. The study also found that it takes 10 days longer to reach its largest size.

Study leader, Susan Solomon of MIT said that current estimates suggest that the hole won’t be completely closed until the middle of the century, however it is healing sooner than scientists expected it to.

“It isn’t just that the patient is in remission,” Solomon said. “He’s actually starting to get better. The patient got very sick in the `80s when we were pumping all that chlorine” into the atmosphere. “I think it’s a tremendous cause for hope”


While Solomon’s optimism is commendable, I do not share in her belief that the goal is to correct the man-made climate problems. How can it be when the government continues to spray its chemtrails into the air for all of us to choke on? We discovered that the ozone layer had a hole in it in the 70’s when scientists suggested that the ozone was thinning due to chemicals like chlorofluorcarbons from aerosol’s refrigerants which would break down into chlorine that actually attacked the ozone layer. By the early 80’s the Antarctic ozone hole began appearing in October; then September and October, which was worse. While the ozone holes had been healing in other parts of the planet, the one over Antarctica became this gaping wound that forced everyone’s attention.


In 1987, the Montreal Protocol treaty agreed to phase out the chemicals that were causing the problem but that wasn’t true, was it? In fact, as far back as 1962, the goal was to destroy the ozone layer. It was suggested by meteorologist Harry Wexler as a means of warming the arctic region by melting the ice sheets. So two decades after WWII “global warming” was viewed as the desired outcome of geoengineering.

To destroy the ozone layer and hence increase abruptly the surface temperature of the Earth, by spraying “several hundred thousand tons of chlorine or bromine” with a stratospheric airplane.”  Fleming, 2007(a), pp. 56-57; Fleming, 2007(b), “note n° viii” p. 9 & p. 5  (source)

Why would global warming become the GOAL? If you listen to some reports about the subject and announcements from the Department of Defense….its for the good of National Security! GTFOH! Nothing SAVES the public quite like poisoning the air! That is the same crap that is crammed down our throats about how great GMOs are excellent for feeding the growing population. Nothing quite says I love you, like poisoning your food.

The hardest part to swallow in all of this is how well the government’s tactics work with the general public. The government refers to anyone who speaks up about the chemtrails and GMOs as ‘conspiracy theorists’ a term that to most people means a frikken nutcase, that should be fitted for an aluminum foil hat. They will trot out a group of well known scientists (like Mr. Bill Nye who flip-flopped on his position against GMOs–thanks God he teaches children!) and Neil deGrasse Tyson to say that GMO’s are completely safe, and the general public just eats that shit up.

Even the kooks and spooks from the Ever-Trustful CIA get in on the “chemtrail use is for your own good” nonsense. If this stuff doesn’t happen, why would the government first deny its use at all, only to have the CIA later claim its for the good of national security. Apparently EVERYTHING is for the good of national security these days. While the video is not new, it still says a lot.

Timing of this Study’s Release is Fishy Since the Toxicity of Chemtrails is Making Headlines Again

As previously reported “Case Orange: Breaking Down the Gov’t Lies About Chemtrails” we discussed exactly how chemtrails began as a military operation as far back as WWII. Numerous resources have discussed climate control through chemtrails over the years, including NASA, DOD, UN, and various news outlets have reported about it. Everyone seems to accept the theory that Geo-engineering is for your own good. Everyone seems to be OK with a chemical company modifying your food. I just don’t understand this.

The topic of chemtrails and their dangers are back in the news lately. According to an article from the UK, that was posted online, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, former university researcher; chemtrails are being used so that the pharmaceutical industry can cash in on the cure. Dr. Horowitz has been branded as “dangerous” by many medics in the UK because of his website’s books and claims that he is a drug industry whistleblower about the use and dangers of chemtrail emissions. He even makes claims to have Solved the Zika Mystery.

Dr. Horowitz’s website openly claims:

“A Harvard-trained expert in emerging diseases has charged the New York Times with covering up conflicting interests and defrauding the public while purposely neglecting the most reasonable and obvious scientific explanation for how and why the brain-damaging strain of Zika virus suddenly emerged in Brazil in 2015” his website states.

The article basically talks about how the use of chemtrails has produced mystery flu’s that have been increasing since early 1999. Dr Horowitz said: “We have seen this type of an epidemic since the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999.

“People have been hacking and coughing with this bizarre illness that does not seem to follow any logical viral or bacterial onset and transition period.

“If it was a really bacterial or a viral infection, it would have caused a fever but it didn’t.

“It lasts for weeks, if not months. Sinus congestion, sinus drainage, cough, fatigue, general malaise. People have been feeling ‘off’.

“I believe the chemtrails are responsible for a chemical intoxication of the public, which would then cause a general immune suppression, low grade to high grade, depending on exposure.

Horowitze even states that the NYT has an invested interest in the claims behind the Zika virus and this likely affects is reporting on the subject. “The New York Times has been caught red handed concealing their conflicting interest and emergence of the Zika virus from an experiment conducted in Brazil in 2014 using genetically-modified (GM) mosquitoes loosed by the Oxitec Company over which financial control is leveraged by Slim’s investment bankers,” explained Dr. Horowitz.

American political candidates have been talking about Chemtrails again too. Recently, Senator John McCain’s campaign released a series of attack ads linking his main GOP primary rival, physician, and former state legislator Kelli Ward, to the chemtrails conspiracy theory. Senator John McCain’s entire campaign seems focused on chemtrails. This is likely caused by the temperature surge recorded in Arizona (mercury levels nearing 120 degrees). Nicknamed “chemtrail Kelli” Ward has been accused of spending tax payer dollars on entertaining chemtrail conspiracy theories. McCain hopes to debunk her as a nutter over the matter. READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE

So Why Release Antarctic Study Now, Claiming Ozone is Healing Itself?

Quite simply, every time the topic of chemtrails picks up steam, there will be astonishing new studies showing that these problems no longer exist, but they do, and we can see it for ourselves. The government agencies continue to debunk any scientist and doctor’s credentials who speaks against chemtrail use. And they continue to deny that chemtrails are causing any harm to the environment. The closest you can get from the gov’t on the subject is that Geo-Engineering is that its use is for your own good. Well, they say the same thing about GMOs but riddle me this.



WHY PUSH SO HARD TO REFUSE LABELING GMO PRODUCTS? WHY ARE GOVERNMENTS TRYING SO HARD TO REFUSE TO LET US EVEN KNOW WHAT FOODS WE PURCHASE IF EVERYTHING IS ABOVE BOARD? It’s the almighty dollar, that’s why. Monsanto and the wealthy elites have a lot to gain in controlling the world’s food supply. Not just financially, it also ensures that the only way some countries and areas can get access to food is to buy what Monsanto is selling. So you are left with two choices in the general populations:

  1. Buy Monsanto goods, or starve to death
  2. Buy Monsanto foods and die slowly from chemical poisoning.

THE END RESULT IS THE SAME….YOU WILL FRIKKEN DIE!!!  The only aspect you control is how fast. You can try to grow your own safer food, but that is becoming illegal. Still don’t believe there is a new world order designed to kill off a third to two-thirds of the global population by poisoning us?  Keep popping into ERnews, we will continue to cover topics like these.

Quick note: Why does Monsanto plant its garbage seeds all around organic fields? Oh right…so that some hybrids can contaminate the organic crops.

Some More Images to Highlight What is Supposedly NOT Happening if you Still Need Proof



Chemtraisl Spread over Afghanistan during the Gulf War in 2003-2006/ Source: NOAA

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