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Our contributors are interested in joining the evolution revolution, which is a movement geared toward the intellectual advancement of our species. For centuries, man has been kept in the dark by academics and the political system in an attempt to keep them placid, ignorant, and therefore willing to accept any type of fascism offered. We have been held back by our religious superstitions, politically corrupt government systems, and held down from personal advancement by academic snobbery. Those who want to progress and advance can’t, unless they pay ridiculous sums of money for government sanctioned education (which grants access to the latest research), or seek out information on their own. The problem with this feudal system is that it hinders individual progress, in favor of group acceptance; which can only be achieved if you are willing to sell out your ideals or cater to the political system that has its own capitalistic goals that are only reached through a ‘divide and conquer’ mentality. With The Space Age steadily approaching, we can no longer afford to be ignorant of the world around us. However, the average citizen does not consider or understand what is happening. They simply follow what they are told and hope for the best. Freethinker Nation Contributors post content that helps inform these people of things that may normally pass them by, or that aren’t readily available through mainstream media resources. Our contributors also post up information regarding their personal insights and snippets of their Individual Research The goal with that is to allow them to gauge public interest in the project or begin a forum for them to engage in fair-minded debate.
The Contributors at Freethinker Nation are given this platform to post information that is relevant to the growth of humanity. We publish articles in various genres, with the intent on sharing information and ideas that we believe are important to that cause. We like our writers to show and express their independent thoughts on various matters, rather than just write to appeal to the masses. This often means sharing opinions that are not accepted in with mainstream ideals. For this reason, some of our writers prefer to use pseudonyms. Freethinker Nation supports this.