Space X: Space Age gets a Boost as Elon Musk Seeks Federal Permission to Launch Three Rockets Simulataneously

Space X has repeatedly shown that it is possible to reuse a rocket to make flights in space and return safely back to earth. So far, the company has already landed its Falcon 9 Rocket (both on the ground and on a floating barge) multiple times. Now the company is looking to land three reusable rockets at the same time. One glitch remains however, it needs government permission to do so, but what a feat this would be for a culture just now entering into the space age.

Space X is hoping to get permission to use Florida to create new landing sites, which is where the first landing complex is located. The company will require these extra landing sites if they want to recover the rockets from the Falcon Heavy, which is a stronger launch vehicle of the Falcon 9. The Falcon Heavy is basically three separate rockets, that are combined together so that Space X can recover them all after the flight. The application for the permission to build more launch sites was confirmed online via Twitter by Space X CEO, Elon Musk.

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This newest project is significant because it may mark man’s first viable shot at flying safely through space and back again from further distances, including other planets. The Falcon Heavy is expected to have a mission later on this year. The goal is to use the launch vehicle to crew Mars missions. Musk’s rockets are fast becoming a part of the rapid acceleration to the commercialization of space. His goal is to try and lessen the climate change and even colonize Mars; both things he would like to do within his lifetime (he is only 40).

In an interview with The Guardian in 2013, Musk stated:

“The key thing for me,” he begins, “is to develop the technology to transport large numbers of people and cargo to Mars. That’s the ultimate awesome thing.”

Musk wants to see a colony with 80,000 people on Mars, which he sees as a ‘just in case’ measure. You know, just in case humanity screws the planet earth up enough to force us off the planet. So why not build a fleet of ships that can pull Star Trek moves in space? First comes the permission to test the rockets, and then the fun stuff starts.

“But of course we must pay the bills along the way. So that means serving important customers like Nasa, launching commercial broadcasting communication satellites, GPS satellites, mapping, science experiments. “There’s no rush in the sense that humanity’s doom is imminent; I don’t think the end is nigh. But I do think we face some small risk of calamitous events. It’s sort of like why you buy car or life insurance. It’s not because you think you’ll die tomorrow, but because you might.”

Colonizing Mars seems to be Musk’s solution to humanity having nearly made the earth uninhabitable during its industrial revolution. The fact that corporate greed supersedes all things in capitalist societies doesn’t help either. Even famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has pointed out how humanity will one day be forced to colonize other parts of space due to our destructive nature. Musk is merely attempting to make it possible. The final frontier is only a few flights away, if you believe in Musk’s goals, which will give humanity the chance to destroy other planets as well. Oh what an age to live in.

Elon Reeve Musk is a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, engineer and inventor. He is the founder, CEO and CTO of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors.

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