Free the Future

We have many goals for Freethinker Nation that will provide our members with even more services and support to help change the world. We want our community to be a place that helps you publish your research (credited to your of course) and promote your ideas without fear of theft, and condemnation. Too many great ideas by novices are either stolen outright or ripped apart by Academics and scholars as “nonsense” only to find those ideas become the foundation for someone else’s project. It isn’t fair and it isn’t cool. This is why Freethinker Nation is here!

Some of the services we are working to provide include:

Enhanced social interactions within our community

  1. We want to allow our group members to create and manage groups within the community so that you can better collaborate with other members and share information.
  2. Extended profiles for more control
  3. Hashtag support to help your ideas trend throughout the community and the internet.

Publish a Journal

While Freethinker Nation does offer our members the ability to submit articles and papers online, we want to publish our own journal. This will allow members to better promote their ideas to the world in general.


We would like to offer crowdfunding services to our members so that we can better find the money needed to pay for resources they need to fully realize their goals. It will also allow other members to contribute to your success as well, which will foster an even better community!

Our goals will continue to grow as we do. Just know that in becoming a member of Freethinker Nation, you are truly helping us to FREE the FUTURE!