ERnews is an independent news and information portal that is offering a unique perspective on today’s most intriguing kernels of information and current events. We speak to the readers that go mostly ignored by mainstream media (X, Y, Millenials). We focus on posting news that the mainstream media often ignores or simply will not delve into because the powers that be don’t want you to hear it. We chose to focus on the stories behind the story; the aspect that doesn’t get the attention it deserves most of the time. While the rest of the media focuses on a political election, we focus on its purpose. While the mainstream media highlights politicians and their platforms, we discuss why voting is a sham. Some people call us a Generation Y and Millenial take on the news, and that may be accurate in some ways, but we are much more than that. We want to bring you the news as it is and not a censored or controlled version of the news. This often means that what we write is not always politically correct. We will write stories that can sometimes rub people the wrong way. We don’t do it to get a rise out of our readers; our contributors just write it how they see it, which is not always politically correct.

Our view is skeptical, fresh, awake, blunt, and we love showcasing it. We write for people like us, that seek change in the ignorance and complacency in the people around us. We speak against Big Pharma, Monsanto, Corruption, and Capitalism because we believe that speaking up is the only way to affect change. We want to make our articles informative, accurate, and entertaining, so we do not censor our writers or their opinions, but we do insist on real research before anything will be printed here. We seek to open our reader’s minds so that maybe they can learn to question the world around them as it is presented and begin to form opinions of their own. We joined Freethinker Nation because that is exactly what they wish to promote. Independent thought is the only thing that governments, and money cannot purchase, lobby against, destroy or contain. No amount of coercion can remove a person’s ability to think for themselves without first gaining that person’s permission. the problem with this is that too many are giving their permission because they are being fooled into submission by politicians, with the help of the mainstream media.

How many stories get distorted in the media to the point that readers can no longer differentiate between truth and lies? How many of those distortions take place BEFORE any actual facts are attained by journalists? How much of what mainstream media promotes is purely speculative, yet promoted as factual in its headlines until you get to the article and see that the entire work is built on guesses, questions and social media trends?

If you are tired of reading the same story on every news portal; if you are desperate to hear something different for a change, or if you just want the chance to hear an outsiders opinion; subscribe to ERnews and see what freethinking media is supposed to be about. We tackle numerous topics relating to current events and offer a unique perspective on them. If you like what you read, consider becoming a contributor by sending an email to and ask for our contributor guidelines. Or you can send us your own idea for topics you want to read about. We will get back to you as soon as we can!