Thank you for considering making a donation to Freethinker Nation! As you already know, Freethinker Nation is about bringing information to the masses in a free and open source way. We post news articles of interest, personal thought experiments, and even opinion pieces in feature articles. We are not about censoring ideas or knowledge in any way; and we also like to promote independent thoughts and ideas. We do that by providing our members with FREE research portals and collaborations with other like-minded members. We also try to allow our members to trade and swap equipment that may help them in their research or creation endeavors. As you can imagine, running a site like this costs much money. Here are some of the things that your kind donations will help us with.

Research & Networking
The research portal is an area of Freethinker Nation that gives our members FREE access to HTML and PDF books, and research papers. From there, our members can read and study the works of greats like Isaac Newton and Einstein, or they can study the earliest works of Plato and Aristotle. We try to provide FREE access to any, and everything we can get our hands on. We also provide out members with a resource to publish their best works and/or ideas (full credit given to author) as well as the ability to meet with and collaborate with others working in their fields. Where would our world be now without the collaboration between Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen, who gave us the Einstein-Rosen bridge? Freethinker Nation knows how important it is to be able to network with others when developing a new idea. We give our members a chance to make those connections easily and then to share the results of those connections with the world for FREE!

Publicity & Sharing
We provide amateur researchers, and those without accredited degrees get the same access to resources and networking opportunities as their accredited counterparts. This means that you do not have to possess a Doctorate or Masters degree to give your research a forum. While Freethinker Nation welcomes all people to participate and become members, we do not limit our publications, resources, and/or offerings to professionals. We want all people to have access to information, and we welcome our members to share what they learn or create with the world for FREE. Knowledge should not be limited to academics, and information should not be withheld from the world. That is why Freethinker Nation exists. This is what our members require and support. Your donations will go a long way toward ensuring that our members and visitors get FREE and open source access to every bit of information we can find/share.

Discovery & Innovation
Freethinker Nation members are often amateur scientists, researchers, and philosophers. The problem with being an amateur is data is unavailable to those not listed as accredited academics. This is a flawed and snobbish problem, for where would the world be without amateurs and their ideas? Think of people like George Mendel-discovered the laws of inheritance and helped found the discipline of genetics; Michael Paraday-world’s foremost authority on electromagnetism, who discovered diamagnetism, electrolysis, and electro magnetic induction; Thomas Edison who was also untrained and uneducated in a formal setting; and Henrietta Swan Levitt-discovered a group of stars called ceiphids. She also invented a new style of measurement that provides scientists with a reference point to determine how far away they are. Without amateurs like these, our world may never hear their voices or discover their work. Freethinker Nation exists for people like those listed here. Your donations can help them further their research.

When you donate to Freethinker Nation, you do not only aid in keeping the website running smoothly, you are also helping us to upgrade our services; which will help our amateur researchers better legitimize their work. We are also looking to add to our services in the future to include providing our members with the funds they need to complete (i.e. paying for subscriptions to research venues) their work or purchase equipment they might require. We also want to start our own Amateur Peer-Review Journal, which will be a magazine that focuses on amateur discoveries, and innovations. The magazine will also help our members showcase their latest discoveries. So much work to do for our members, and so little time. Please consider donating. Any donation of $25 or more will grant you access to the research portal, Chatroom, and Member Research pages. In this section, you will get a first hand look at what projects are currently being conducted. This will also allow you to connect to a member and possibly contribute to their research projects directly. Otherwise, your donations go to Freethinker Nation and will be dolled out wherever it will serve the most good to the members. Thank you for taking your time to read this 🙂