DARK Act: Making Agrochemical Companies a New World Power

Now that President Obama has decided to sign the DARK bill, which basically allows agrochemical companies to control labeling mandates; it has been made very clear that these companies are now becoming the New World Power. The DARK bill (Deny Americans the Right to Know) is a perfect piece of legislation that grants the government plausible deniability regarding GMO ingredients in foods, while simultaneously giving agrochemical companies absolute control over how those foods will be labeled.

Federal laws are being manipulated behind the scenes by agrochemical companies and lobbyists pushing to invalidate public-safety protocols and disenfranchise organic farmers. The goal, of course, is to maintain control over the food supply and make billions in the process. Their Round-Up infused garbage allows these companies to take in two times the profits as they also produce the poisonous pesticides; which basically means they get to sell the Round-Up AND the seeds for profit. American Agrochemical company, Monsanto, has already established itself as a dominant force in American politics, as it currently controls both the White House and Congress. It’s almost laughable, if it wasn’t so pathetic. How exactly are they able to do this?

The six largest agrochemical companies argue that no country or state can attempt to protect the public from health and safety concerns in soil and water because their constitutional powers are pre-empted, making them invalid by the federal government.

Essentially, these agrochemical companies claim that the food safety and environmental floor of standards previously established by American agencies which regulate corporate polluters in any state has been reinvented by the agrochemical companies like Monsanto in part, because these regulation agencies rely on the billion-dollar chemical companies to fund their safety tests. LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN. THE CHEMICAL COMPANIES LIKE MONSANTO PAY FOR THE SAFETY TESTS THAT ARE CONDUCTED BY REGULATION AGENCIES!

This essentially allows the companies to set the standards that will decide what gets the greenlight and what does not. The passing of the DARK act ensures that Monsanto can spread its own regulations throughout the legislative branch of the government, and basically get away with mass murder. By invalidating the Vermont law, Congress has guaranteed that exceptions will be made on behalf of corporate donors if they have enough money.

“What the DARK Act shows us is that multinational corporations are not just lobbying and exercising power; they are literally ruling us,” said David Cobb, outreach director of Move to Amend.

“Supermajorities of voters in both parties want to see clear labeling of GMO food, but we, the people, don’t control our own government. Our elected representatives don’t represent us. Congress has colluded with Monsanto and the agrochemical industry to force down our throats legislation that the American people do not want.” 

According to whistleblower Ronnie Cummins, who heads the Organic Consumers Association:

“The bill is a sham, a slap in the face to the 90 percent of Americans who support labeling. It’s an attack on states’ rights. It’s another ‘gift’ to Monsanto and Big Food. And, for anyone who still harbored any doubt, S.764 is proof that our Democracy is broken, that our lawmakers answer to Corporate America, not to us, the people who elect them.”

In passing the DARK Act, and expanding Monsanto’s goals of achieving federal pre-emption, lobbyists basically convinced majority in Congress completely give up on maintaining the pretense of giving a damn about consumer transparency and public safety. For a complete list of how various politicians, you can view the wall of shame. For politicians like California’s Dianne Feinstein, Minnesota’s Al Franken, and Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono; these Democrats are hoping that they will be able to convince supporters that they voted for a LABELING BILL RATHER THAN ADMIT THAT THEY VOTED TO DESTROY GMO LABELING IN VERMONT AND PREVENT OTHER STATES FROM ATTEMPTING TO DO WHAT VERMONT DID.

As the mainstream media outlets continue to promote the lies promoted by corrupt politicians and twist truths to confuse the population, there are countless new media outlets like ERnews, willing to call them out for it. ERnews is part of the people-powered media that is not willing to support corporations and their greedy political affiliates. Like the TV show X-Files said; “the truth is out there” for any that wish to hear it

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