Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions associated with Freethinker Nation. These will be updated as the need arises.

What is Freethinker Nation?

Freethinker Nation is a website that is devoted to helping humanity evolve intellectually, and assisting individuals with independent thinking. It is our goal to provide amateur philosophers, scientists and theorists with a forum to publicize and share their ideas, research, and innovations. We are also hoping to aid some with their research through crowd-funding opportunities as the site grows. Research isn’t cheap, or often available for amateurs.

What type of content does Freethinker Nation post?

We post informative content that could be in various genres. Basically, whatever we feel is something that our readers should want to know or NEED to know is what we will post. We also post new theories, and ideas as well. We like to encourage debate on subjects because even in debate answers  to the world’s most complicated questions can be found.

How do you define Need to Know?

We believe that the popular media sites only report what is OK to report. We believe the mainstream media shortchanges the public on real information and replaces it with pop culture instead. We believe that mainstream media sensationalizes the mundane, while ignoring the real issues. Freethinker Nation believes that its the amateurs in many fields offer just as much in terms of progress as the professionals. Their voices should be heard too.


I keep seeing “Join the Evolution Revolution” what is that, and how do I join?

The evolution revolution is a movement designed to help humanity evolve to the next phase by supporting amateur in their research. Those of us that want to learn, can’t get access to the research. It’s insane! Freethinker Nation wants to change that. We want to share our knowledge, and we want to let go of our superstitions that keep us there. Knowledge should be FREE, and now we have a place where it can be again.

You can become a full member by subscribing to our blog and commenting, and by signing up for our forum. In the forum, you can share your ideas, theories, debate article post topics and even start your own. You full membership also allows you to post your own articles to our website as long as the posts are properly researched and fact checked.

How Do I post to Freethinker Nation?

You simply write an article, Use your subject line to say which category you are writing for, send it to submissions@freethinkernation.com for approval, and that’s it. You article is approved once it is fact checked, (so cite your sources) unless it is for the “Trending opinions” section. You must agree to the submission guidelines first, and accept our Copyright agreement. You must also be a full member of Freethinker Nation to post. But you also get many more perks as well. Just read why membership has its privileges to see how.