Case Orange: Breaking Down Gov’t Lies About Chemtrails

While it is extremely obvious to anyone with eyes that there are constant chemical trails to be seen in the sky at various times throughout the day; it is also known that all information published about them falls to wayside and is debunked as conspiracy theory. This remains, despite the fact that NASA has admitted to spraying lithium into the atmosphere and the U.N. has admitted that they are real. The primary aspect of this that I am concerned about however, is why they are doing it, and for how long.

The Brief History of Chemtrails

During an international symposium that was held in Ghent, Belgium on May 28-30 (2010), scientists made it clear that climate manipulation through modifying Cirrus clouds was not a conspiracy theory, and that it has actually been done for over 60 years. The practice was banned in 1978 and viewed as hostile to the environment, but is now considered the future savior of climate change. It is being hailed as the cure for water and food shortages. If that nonsense sounds familiar, its because Monsanto says the same shit when pushing their poisoned seeds.

The actual admissions of chemtrails can be found, if you look hard enough, or can gain access to the publication journals that discuss it. The research and projects are listed under a variety of topics including: geoengineering, weather modification, weather force manipulation, solar radiation management, chemical buffering, cloud seeding, and atmospheric geoengineering. All of those names cover the toxic aerial spraying of chemicals into the atmosphere that we commonly call chemtrails. While getting admissions of chemtrails is hard enough, finding out what is in them is even harder.

According to Dr. Vermeeren, Delft University of Technology (in a 300 page scientific report entitled CASE ORANGE: Contrail Science, its impact of climate and weather manipulation programs conducted by the United States and its Allies) atmospheric geoengineering was being used as part of a military project that began as early as 1915. This report explains the military operation as HAARP (high Frequency Active Aural Research Program) this military program focused on electromagnetic, ionospheric, and global electrostatic field manipulation and weapon system that manipulate the environment.

Chemtrails as a War Weapon

Case Orange explains how chemtrails has been used as weapons during wars, including: WWII, the UK used it as a weapon against Hamburg, Americans used it in the Vietnam War. When investigative journalist Jack Anderson discovered its use, it started a controversy that brought about Senate hearings in 1972. In the hearings, the military denied the use of cloud seeding technology. However, Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird was found admitting to false testimony in the case when a private letter he wrote surfaced. He still tried to deny knowing anything about cloud seeding.

Eventually, environmental modification (EnMod) weapons were banned in 1978, and the U.N. forced weather manipulation as a weapon technology programs to stop. Thanks to constant reports on drastic climate changes that are eroding the world’s water supply, and global warming; EnMod is suddenly on everyone’s good list again. In fact, the world’s top economists began recommending the use for geoengineering back in 2009. Researchers published “Modification of Cirrus clouds to reduce global warming,” at that time, which proposed two different ways to deliver the compound which consists of 85% metallic particles, and 15% colloidal Silica.

Case Orange also reveals a 1991 patent held by Hughes Aircraft Company [15] that:

“contains 18 claims to reduce global warming through stratospheric seeding with aluminum oxide… thorium oxide … and refractory Welsbach material ….”

The report supports its claims of Hughes Aircraft company by pointing out that the proposal made by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in 2001 is identical to the claims made in the Hughes patent claim made in 1991. This is important because Hughes was eventually acquired by Raytheon (a defense contractor) who also took over E-systems and the HAARP contract. Case Orange proves that Raytheon is intent on controlling all the weather, which horrible since it is a private company. This just adds more proof to the fact that the global elite are controlling more than just the economic state as mentioned in a previous article “There is a Global War Initiative in Progress: Do you know Which Side you are REALLY on?” But why would the government want to control the weather? Here is where the plot gets a lot more interesting.

Some of the reasons why controlling the weather is a major aspect of the NWO’s overall agenda are as follows:

  1. Adverse weather (drought, flooding etc.) affects crops. The more crops that go down or get destroyed the more Monsanto gets to push its GMO toxins on the public.
  2. Toxins in the very air also have an adverse affect on fresh water supplies. I don’t think I need to explain this one any further.
  3. Adverse weather is also known to have an emotional affect on people. For example, people can often feel glum and lazy when it rains. The capability of influencing and even controlling human emotions has been studied by the military and intelligence services of the world for decades. A complete description of these kinds of programs with links to declassified CIA documents for verification is available here. In manipulating your emotions, you are basically being placated at any given time to properly respond to whatever messages you are receiving, generally through the mainstream media. The mainstream media will make you angry or scared at teh drop of a hat, and suddenly distract you with the latest Kardashian trick to being you back down. SEe it for what it is and stop buying into it.

If you have trouble believing that the mainstream media is little more than a tool for the NWO, think of it this way….how can some ‘epidemics’ be everywhere one second and then completely gone the next in terms of media coverage? Why is it that Incidents like the Florida shooting get so much speculative coverage about its terrorist connections with ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF WHATSEOVER. You were setup to be afraid and angry. So what do you think was slipping into the background during this time? Monsanto losing a cancer lawsuit got almost no coverage. The people became fearful of ISIS (again) making them angrier about Muslim immigration and the public became irate in pushing for stickter gun laws. So while America fought over foreign immigration policy, ISIS and gun laws, Palestine and Israel rioted. Russia in turn publicly supported the idea of territorial exchanges of land in Jerusalem and Sameria to preserve Israeli settlements by implementing borders. Why wasn’t this widely mentioned? I went to numerous websites that posted it, but when all displayed white screens when visited. But that’s another article for another day.

Potential Dangers of Chemtrails

Having established that the use of chemtrails occurs, it makes sense to know exactly how dangerous these chemicals are. According to Geoengineering Watch the metallic particles are causing the population to experience problems with their nervous systems, kidney failure, memory loss, loss of coordination, confusion, disorientation and digestive problems. Add to this, the various research studies that assert that metallic chemicals cause lung disease, lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases; you start to see that your government’s geoengineering efforts are basically killing you.

Your government has ensured that air itself is toxic. This is not conspiracy theory, this is a fact THAT THEY HAVE ADMITTED TO. Once again, the government uses fear tactics to get citizens to agree to their tampering. The global warming concerns help companies like Raytheon push and pander their toxic ‘solution’ to the public, and the uneducated on the subject practically beg for it. The only problem is that it is literally making the air you breathe toxic. You can read more about Case Orange and its true dangers at Global Research.

What the video does is prove that geoengineering and weather modification using chemtrails are not mere conspiracy theories. It proves that the government lied about it, and it proves that Case Orange is worth reading in depth. It proves that it isn’t just used on other countries we are at war with, it is happening in North America too, and it is killing us! The video is taken of Rosalind Peterson, the president of Agriculture Defense Coalition. There is no need to wonder if theories on the NWO are true….they are constantly being proven true. Your government damn near admits it. Your wealthy elites admit it; your CEOs, your Silicon Valley billionaires admit it, and your government admits it. Still, most of the population is placated by claims that anyone who believes the government is out to start a New World Order are nutters and conspiracy theorists. To paraphrase an old saying “just because you are a conspiracy theorist, doesn’t mean there aren’t conspiracies.”

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