About Us

If I were going to be honest with you, Freethinker Nation was built out of sheer frustration. I grew tired of feeling like I was being told what to think and when by practically everyone. In school, I was told how to think, and if i didn’t follow that specifically designed protocol, my work was considered void. If I worked outside of the box (even if I landed at the ‘correct’ answer), my methods were deemed rubbish, and again, the work was considered void.  Apparently, there are some of academically acceptable ways of doing things, and any efforts made outside of those methods were immediately rejected. If my conclusions appeared valid, my methodology destroyed all credibility anyway. It would seem that individual thought is not only discouraged in school, it is completely rejected. That is when I decided that school wasn’t the only way to get an education, and that everyone should have access to the same research and data that alumni, and current affiliates are privy to.

The people involved with Freethinker Nation are people like me, who all feel as if the powers that be, and the multitude of their drones are leading society down a path toward ignorance that will one day kill us all off. We feel just as persecuted for independent thought as Galileo, Newton, DaVinci, and Bruno were in their time, and for much the same reason. In their times, independent thought meant radicalized thinking that was discouraged because of its effects on the Church’s power over people’s lives. God was being used as a foil against the natural intellectual evolution of man. Any form of intellect that was not shared by the church, was deemed blasphemous or treasonous. It is the same thing that modern man has to overcome today. We are still fighting against the church for the ability to evolve intellectually without being persecuted or ignored entirely. The government is more than happy to aid the church in maintaining our ignorance, for much the same reason. Except, where the church is defending their own power and that of a God’s, the government works solely for itself. Both organizations use the same fear tactics to ensure their constant victory. Freethinker Nation is sick of it!

The Powers That be Use our Fear to Keep us Ignorant and Placid

Knowing how the church and our government used our fears to keep us placid, ignorant, and obedient to their ideals in the past, it stuns me how much this tactic still works today (yesterday it was to preserve our souls, today it is to preserve our way of life.)

We have understood for centuries how violence and corruption has played a huge role in the church’s effort to maintain supremacy historically. Our governments use the same tactics today. While they don’t actively claim that we cannot learn as the church did in the past by forbidding education; the government instead decided to regulate the educational process instead. While the penalty is not death as it once was with the church, the government instead sells mass amounts of prescription drugs to ensure that our curiosity only goes so far in that hazy state of mind. Should you step out of line, you are immediately dismissed as a Kook or placed under mental observation. Should you attempt to do independent research that is considered outside of the academic norm, you will find yourself shut out of all available research portals and your work will be ostracized.

As long as there has been powerful people attempting to prevent humanity from reaching its true intellectual potential, there have been individuals who refused to imprison their minds. Strong individuals who risked losing everything they owned, their freedom, their families and even their lives, have always been around to help humanity move forward and to learn more about every facet of life from how we got here, to why got here, and to how far we can go. These were the independent thinkers of their generations. These were the men and women that risked all, to give us a small glimpse of what we as a species are capable of. These are the people that Freethinker Nation is attempting to represent. These are the people that Freethinker Nation wishes to emulate. These are the people that Freethinker Nation is encouraging us all to aspire to be.

 Freethinker Nation is Not a News Site We are an Information Sharing Site

While we at Freethinker Nation do sometimes post news posts, we are more interested in posting information. We like to post articles that focus on how the powers that be are using cheap scare tactics to keep us from reaching our true potential as a species. We also like to post articles that simply open your minds to something new. We talk about how important it is for us to let go of our previous fears and move forward in our intellectual pursuits. We share information, research, and work theories so that we can hopefully spark a healthy debate on the facts in the hopes that through this type of conversation, we can find the truth. We allow and encourage people to visit and share their own ideas, theories and information so that our entire community can continue to learn and evolve together in an environment that allows anonymity, and true freedom of expression. We do not censor other people’s ideas, but we prefer to operate on, and debate facts. We have specialized areas devoted to unproven theories as well.

Our members are amateur researchers, scientists, astronomers, innovators, and philosophers. We are thinkers and doers, who want to share our ideas with the world in an environment that won’t hinder our progress. We know that it isn’t just professionals with the great ideas and new innovative ways of seeing things. Many of Our Hero’s  are people like us, who have really made a difference in their fields, and they did it with little formal education in their genres. We aspire to reach the same heights as they did, but are often left in the dark and out of the loop due to lack of formal training. Our work is often unaccepted because we are not accredited. Our work is stolen and we have nor recourse to correct it. Freethinker Nation offers members the chance to publish their works so that they have a venue to showcase their brilliance and innovative ideas. We do not judge, and we do not discriminate. If your work is valid, we will share it with the world. Knowledge should be FREE!

Our overall goal is to provide freethinkers, intelligent thinkers and rational thinkers with a community of our own that doesn’t attempt to limit or hinder our ability to push humanity forward into a future that we should have reached by now if not for academic snobbery and corruption. We want to offer at least one place where your independent ideals won’t be condemned, criticized, or ignored. We want to provide a real forum for intelligent men and women to feel free to share their theories will a mass that is willing to not just listen, but discuss openly and without fear of condemnation. You can do so by posting topics for discussion in our forum, and by commenting on our posts. Should you wish to post articles or contribute your ideas to the website posts areas, we welcome that as well, so long as your ideas can be fact checked. Please refer to our Submission guidelines for information about that.